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Major optimist here - Life is amazing and I strongly believe that I'm living the dream! Health/Fitness, Wellbeing and Happiness are my main three, I love my body and taking care of it, I'm a huge family girl, I love the beach and the countryside and waking up at crazy o'clock to enjoy the dream! I post random stuff really - Quite a few health related post!

15. September 2014

This week is going to be fantastic, I know it! I’m working from home tomorrow which means I can gym between doing things, spend the time with my mum I told her I would but more of it cause I’m not in the office, I can feel my body being stronger and healthier already, life is just a breeze tbh! Tonight we have trout which is one of my favourites (I love fish) and it’s becoming nice and autumnal - VERY happy days, love for life, boom!


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11. September 2014

Yay for life, seriously, tomorrow it’s friday and then it’s THE WEEKEND! I love weekends and I think this one is gonna be really cool :) I thought I’d write a post about what I’ve been unto over the last few days - My life has kind of changed a lot, for the better. For some really bizarre reason my mindset has changed - I do hear a lot of ‘you look unwell’ ‘put on a couple of pounds’ and to be honest, over the last month, I haven’t thought I look too bad but I guess it’s the people that care about you the most that are the ones that have to tell you this. I can take it from most people, I’m quite stubborn and strong-willed but I knew this wasn’t right when the words came out of my dads mouth. I know (and have done for a couple of weeks I guess) I need to put on at least a few pounds to be a healthy weight - I don’t want my body to struggle and even though people won’t read this, thank you so much to everyone that has been honest with me about this - I have actually realised and I’m so glad people care :) I’m an incredibly happy person literally 100% of the time but if humanly possible I’m even happier?

I have wrote myself a few bulletpoints of how I’m going to live my life from now on - Being healthy and crazy strong is key to me - I will still train A LOT because man, I love the gym and I love running, I love the whole foods and whole body lifestyle but yeah, here goes - (to me this is quite personal)

  • Don’t EVER worry about food again – As long as you don’t binge eat a lot, you WON’T put on weight if you live a healthy lifestyle – give yourself a treat when you’re out – Have a cookie, have a cupcake, they’re yummy!
  • Be fit and healthy – keep active and keep your heart healthy – It’s good to keep in good shape without going silly.
  • Stop worrying about money – WHY? Seriously you are probably in one of the best situations possible for someone of your age/situation.
  • When you go out for a meal, order exactly what you want, not what’s on the lower calorie menu just because it’s a ‘skinny’ meal – why see people enjoy their food whilst you’re there worrying?
  • At least once a month, have a takeaway – be it Dominos, an indian, even a subway with a cookie.
  • When people offer you food like snacks – cookies, muffins, chocolate, whatever – ACCEPT them.
  • Keep eating healthy lunches and dinners and follow whole foods a lot of the time – Allow treats though – be happy!
  • Never EVER go below 7 stone - It’s unhealthy and it’s NOT going to happen. 

I know not many people at all will read this which is probably not a bad thing because it’s quite personal to me and it’s something I have been able to talk about with family and very close friends who by the way are AWESOME listeners! The money issue probably came hand in hand with the weight issue also I figured!


Alison xoxoxoxox

9. September 2014

My eyes have been opened I guess over the past few months, couple of months in particular! There was a time where I used to worry about calories, what food I put into my body but those days are over! A commitment to wholefoods and treating myself how I want to ultimately is the healthy thing to do! Living a long healthy life is important to me and worrying isn’t the way to go about that, a cookie or a cake once a week isn’t going to make me put on weight - heck i’m probably one of the most active people out there. People that really matter to me have actually opened my eyes even more :) My family in particular are my rocks, a true inspiration! Happy fecking autumn everyone :D

7. September 2014

This weekend has been fabulous! Began with hanging out with my awesome boyfriend who also has tumblr kevbphotos (check him out) made food, watched crappy TV and just chilled, saw a uni friend on the saturday, baked cupcakes with her and her cousins and last night I hung out with two of my best friends, watched high school musical and mean girls, living the teenage dream!

Foodwise I treated myself and I have no regrets - That’s what this post is about! Eating a natural, whole foods diet is really satisfying and is definitely something I would never change but once every week or two you need a treat day - mine was melted chocolate covered fruit and a luxury white chocolate cookie, chips n dips - I got to spend a fantastic evening with my friends and it was awesome! Everyone reading this - once in a while do treat yourself!

I think that’s all part of loving your body - fuel it with goodness most of the time and give it a treat too! Life is awesome! Time to tackle a lovely lazy sunday - began it with a dog walk and a little run - definitely plan on chilling out before a week of work!

5. September 2014

This week has been really nice and very busy - I’m not even sure why so busy but I’ve loved it! I’ve realised this summer literally the sheer amount of friends I have spread about and it’s pretty awesome - I’m very lucky! Catching up with a lot of them recently has been amazing! This week i’ve also scoped out a couple of part time jobs and can now take hours with an agency!

My drinks have still been water and green tea all week - very proud of myself! I have eaten clean, a bit of lean meat, notably never the focal point of my diet! I have managed to gym twice (not a lot I know but it’s been a busy one) but I’ve been training abs and arms at home. Cannot wait for things to quieten down a tiny bit so I can get in a good yoga routine!

Life is fabulous anywho, work is going great, it’s a friday - nothing can make it better really! Happy friday everyone!

Life’s amazing xox


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