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Major optimist here - Life is good :) I enjoy fitness, I enjoy making people smile :)

1. October 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone! I kinda like wednesdays, sometimes I go to the local pub quiz, quite often I go to the gym and I think today is going to be a gym one! I have a full day at work and I have a nice amount of work to do and i’m really enjoying it!

This week has been great so far - Yesterday evening a handful of my best friends came over and we had indian food and a catch up - blessed to have such good friends! I’m currently watching ‘Fake it’ an MTV series which is HILARIOUS - Already on episode 7 in a few days which is good for me as I don’t watch a lot of TV!

Foodwise - yes, yes, yes - I’m not really restricting at all which is really good. Currently there’s oatmeal in the oven - literally not sure how it’ll turn out (stay posted on my instagram) but layered bananas and blueberries with cinnamon oat jumbo oats, can I get a ‘YESSS’ ? LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

Today is going to be great anyway - This week will be. I have plans with friends tomorrow, a couple of get togethers saturdayafternoon/evening and i’m going to Eastbourne for the day on sunday - so much to do, bit of a break from chilling out! 

Gymwise - cardio ONLY three times a week, strength, abs, classes etc as and when I want to :) happy days!

Peace and love xox


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25. September 2014

This week has been great besides saying goodbye to my lovely boyfriend (hashtag cringetastic moment) but I’m seeing him tomorrow! Besides yoga and a bit of lifting I’ve taken the week off exercising because it’s a really good recovery for my body at the moment - next week healthy amounts of cardio will definitely happen which i’m excited about!

Work is going fabulously - seriously liking what i’m doing right now, it’s really great! Following on from my post regarding eating ‘normally’ and thinking healthily again, that’s also going really well! Getting the right balance is always a hard one but I’m going out and enjoying food that I used to love - I had pepperoni on my pizza tonight and some peanut butter cheesecake tonight, and you know what, i’m okay with that, in fact it’s great :) Putting on quarter of a stone (i’m really working on it but it’s actually hard-ish to even gain a bit!) and maintaining it by eating well, NON RESTRICTED and keeping fit.. Yes I’m doing it, life is just wonderful!

Anywho, it is definitely bathtime and time for a facemask - remember to treat yourselves, each and every one of you! Facemasks are fabulous things, especially with candles and tea and CHILL TIME! Lots of love xoxox