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Keeping it really simple, I'm Alison, huge optimist, obsessed with fitness, the beach and the countryside. Good vibes and a bit of sunshine! Family is really important to me, I use this now for actual blogging and just posting about stuff i'm interested in! I lot of the blogging is fitness/health related! Lotta love

20. July 2014

So I’ve had a pretty good week, tonnes of positive vibes, first working week, some cool memories made, saw one of my heroes (musically) last night in Devon, just a guy called Jack Johnson, yep, Jack Johnson! 

This is another health/diet/fitness related post - Eating clean last week was very successful, managed to treat myself a lot this weekend which was fabulous and managed to fit in a lovely gym session tonight! The aim generally is to keep up my gym sessions whilst working full time and so far it’s going well! My aim is to do something fitness-related every single day. I went to yoga for the very first time on monday and it was awesome! My plan is to take yoga a bit more seriously - If I don’t have the time to go to class, youtube is my friend and just doing my own thing really! One of my aims is to be a lot more flexible as well as being stronger. Also abs, always abs! Slacking at abs is so easy to do but I actually really enjoy doing abs :)

Foodwise, enjoying yourself is key! Eating healthy and clean actually rocks, cutting down on diet drinks has been really successful and I actually feel pretty unstoppable - Weirdly I’ve stopped feeling tired which is quite strange - Maybe I just don’t need a lot of sleep? Or my fitness/stamina is just crazy good with this kind of lifestyle! 

This is a random little ramble but it’s just a little update! Remember be yourself, you’re the trend and do what makes you feel happy - Learn to love yourself cause you’re the trend! Absolute PEACE xoxox


#Rome’s #Metro system. At #Termini station.
Rome has a very easy and simple to follow metro (underground/subway) system. Two lines, pretty much impossible to get lost! And perfect for some urban photography!

A #roman #bicycle! This was out a really cool ‘book bar’ in the middle of #rome called etabli. Very nice :)

My boyfriend takes cool photos, follow him now!
13. July 2014

I absolutely loved my little sunday morning sesh this morning, pushed 45 minutes of hills on different x trainers this time which was REALLY fun! I’m very tempted to have another session like that in the next few days. In terms of weights, I practiced moves that I learnt in my kettle class on thursday! It’s great to actually know your stuff cause it’s such an effective little workout. i also did some dumbbells and this morning i’ve kick started a little bit on abs. The key is you definitely need some kind of repair punch for recovery. This is absolutely essential. If you want to keep it clean and enjoy something not too artificial, I strongly recommend total greek. This morning after my workout I probably had about 2/3rds of a small tub, half a banana, seeds and raisins. Seriously this works an absolute treat and will make a HUGE difference. I’m seriously hoping to see some lean muscle and shred on my arms and legs and also gain a stronger core. I am EXTREMELY happy with how I am, it’s just nice to have a few challenges in life and to feel unstoppable. Another tip is to hydrate yourself and if you’re eating clean, cleansing. Green and natural teas are perfect - Some of my favourites are health and healthy ‘Fennel’ and ‘Liquorice’ teas, I love green tea as well. A lot of natural energy that will seriously keep you going! Lotta peace xox