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Major optimist here - Life is good :) I enjoy fitness, I enjoy making people smile :)

15. October 2014

Starting to feel insanely alive - literally the power of food is incredible. I cannot stress how important it is to eat a good balanced amount everyday and to treat yourself to what YOUR body wants. Today my body wanted a nice cold crabbies and that’s what totally happened. I always listen to what my body wants because I love my body and it’s that important. 


Workout to love your body,not punish it on We Heart It
1. October 2014

Happy Wednesday everyone! I kinda like wednesdays, sometimes I go to the local pub quiz, quite often I go to the gym and I think today is going to be a gym one! I have a full day at work and I have a nice amount of work to do and i’m really enjoying it!

This week has been great so far - Yesterday evening a handful of my best friends came over and we had indian food and a catch up - blessed to have such good friends! I’m currently watching ‘Fake it’ an MTV series which is HILARIOUS - Already on episode 7 in a few days which is good for me as I don’t watch a lot of TV!

Foodwise - yes, yes, yes - I’m not really restricting at all which is really good. Currently there’s oatmeal in the oven - literally not sure how it’ll turn out (stay posted on my instagram) but layered bananas and blueberries with cinnamon oat jumbo oats, can I get a ‘YESSS’ ? LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS!

Today is going to be great anyway - This week will be. I have plans with friends tomorrow, a couple of get togethers saturdayafternoon/evening and i’m going to Eastbourne for the day on sunday - so much to do, bit of a break from chilling out! 

Gymwise - cardio ONLY three times a week, strength, abs, classes etc as and when I want to :) happy days!

Peace and love xox