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Major optimist here - Life is amazing and I strongly believe that I'm living the dream! Health/Fitness, Wellbeing and Happiness are my main three, I love my body and taking care of it, I'm a huge family girl, I love the beach and the countryside and waking up at crazy o'clock to enjoy the dream! I post random stuff really - Quite a few health related post!

19. August 2014

Just do it, it feels AMAZING, you’ll look AMAZING

19. August 2014


So I have this problem with veggies.


I don’t get enough of them.

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19. August 2014

So today is tuesday and it has been really lovely, not that every day isn’t but I’m just generally content! Just come back from a little wander after dinner with the family. We went to Prezzo tonight and I’m day 2 into the 10 day pledge of eating 100% whole foods which I’m generally intending to follow for life.

For anyone interested this is what the 10 day pledge is about - it is a kick start into eating a whole food diet for life by a fabulous lady called Lisa Leake

The prezzo menu is actually really workable - I had a fillet of salmon with a saffron sauce, greens and new potatoes - Thoroughly enjoyed it, tap water with lemon to compliment. Eating clean has actually made my body feel amazing internally and externally. I look at some of the (excuse my language) shit that people eat frequently and wonder what it does to their bodies.

Today I powered through work, started off early as usual (oh my god I love mornings) and tonight I get the pleasure of having a relaxing evening with my lovely family.  A cup of green tea is going to go down a treat! I’m really looking forward to the rest of this week - I actually plan on doing some cardio and weights early tomorrow morning and I get to catch up with a lot of different friends and of course see the lovely boyfriend. Life <3

15. August 2014

I woke up at quarter to 6 today to gym - started off with some apple slices and cinnamon (literally the best) and managed to get my cardio down nicely, practice some strength and finished off with a quick ab session! My morning oats, berries and cinnamon is seriously an addiction (I’m obsessed with cinnamon at the moment) - Chilling right now with a green tea writing this. So I have work today which should be good, followed by a good weekend ahead! The whole foods lifestyle has actually changed my outlook on life so much and I’ve only been seriously at it for a week! It’ll be hard to do when I hit sprinkles on saturday but I am taking part in the strict 10 day pledge from monday.

This lifestyle change is a huge step - Over the last (I guess) 6 months to a year on the whole I’ve been more alert, more awake, very physically fit and to be honest, why would I want to change that? Cutting down on alcohol has been great for my body too - Yes, I’ll enjoy a few drinks every so often but when you start looking insanely good (excuse me being vain) why would you do that to your body? I think I probably care too much but it’s because I genuinely love myself and I think y’all should too.

I pledged to smile more in photos a few months back and looking back on the last few months, boy have I done it. Seriously guys, the lesson here is if you want to do something, just do it - It could be the best thing you’ve ever done! Love your life because you are absolutely fantastic! Live the dream because I know I am - loving every single second!

Love love love xoxox

10. August 2014

Okay, people need to understand - today IS a good day, tomorrow will also be a good day, life brings fantastic things because it’s simply what YOU make of it - it’s the little things in life that anyone can do that make life amazing!

WHY I think life is amazing and every day is a blessing, in short!

Tomorrow I cannot wait for my early wake up, my refreshing, cleansing green tea, my wholegrain oats and blueberries and a wander outside before the gym. The mornings are the best part of the day for me - A healthy diet and plenty of exercise means I feel naturally awake so early and am prepared for the day :) What will tomorrow bring? Who knows, that’s the excitement! I do yoga on mondays too which I love and by the way is excellent for your general wellbeing!

Short, sweet post but the key to life is LOVE your life, love the little things, love yourself and what you do! Tomorrow is monday, why not start the pledge?

Love yourself always,



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You’ll all be here soon!!🌄🌅
4. August 2014

Today has been nice and whole in terms of my meals - Began with oats mixed with alpro soya light and water, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a small handful of blueberries, mid morning, a handful of berries and a few grapes, the rest of which I ate with my lunch. I stuffed half a yellow pepper with quinoa and ate this with veggie sticks. My snack around four was a dark rye crisp bread, a small portion of total greek and a pink lady apple. My dinner will be a lentil and sweet potato bake that mum is making because she is an absolute hero! It goes to show you DO NOT need meat to have a healthy diet. No, I’m not a veggie, I just try and eat meat only a few times a week and I eat it lean, oh and I LOVE fish. Life is good, yoga and gym later fantastic monday, adoring life!